MSU Data Science begins its inaugural year with five data professionals from Harvard, Quicken Loans, and other organizations. Events are open to members and non-members, and students are encouraged to use this time as a networking opportunity.

Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, academic and industry, and will present on topics including their path into data science, skills they learned along the way, and what they do in their career.

Fall Semester 2017 Speakers:

  • Julia Silge, Data Scientist at Stack Overflow
  • Jim Logue, Sabermatrician at Detroit Tigers
  • David Sheill, Analytics Manager at EY
  • Andrew Flowers, Former Editor of FiveThirtyEight and Economist at Indeed

Spring Semester 2017 Speakers:

  • Sean Law, Data Scientist at T.D. Ameritrade | Video | Slides (forthcoming)
  • Tracy Hewitt, Director of Emerging Analytics at Ford | (f.c.)
  • Justin Bassett, Data Scientist at Reddit | (f.c.)
  • Kevin Novak, Director of Data Science at Uber | (f.c.)
  • Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist at RStudio | (f.c.)

Fall Semester 2016 Speakers:

  • Sebastian Raschka, Author of Python Machine Learning  | Video | Slides
  • Prof. Gary King, Dir. Quantitative Social Science, Harvard | Video | Slides
  • Randal Olson, Sr. Data Scientist, University of Pennsylvania | Video | Slides
  • Josh Long, Senior GIS Analyst, DataDrivenDetroit
  • Brian Ball, Data Scientist, QuickenLoans

For a event information, including time, date, and location, hover over any of the photos below or visit our Upcoming Events page. The Data Science Speaker Series was inspired and modeled off of the fantastic Innovate State Speaker Series; check them out to hear from MSU alumni who went on to become entrepreneuers.